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Here's what the Critics are Saying:


"Scott seemed to have a different wig every time she stepped on the stage, but she's so versatile that even without them, she'd still come across as a completely different person with each entrance."

Peter Filichia, Theater



"Eadie Scott is the kind of ballsy dame with a great voice that homos love... she knocks her songs out of the park when they come her way, she's especially funny as The Little Mermaid in 'Legs'."

Duncan Pflaster, Broadway


"Eadie Scott displayed Liza Minnelli-like chops in ' A Real Straight Guy'......

Jenni Litt, Cabaret Exchange


"Eadie Scott bubbles over nicely with consistent theatrical energy and good cheer in featured spots as The Little Mermaid longing for 'Legs' and a woman bragging about her state -of-the-art phone."

Rob Lester, Theater Scene.Net



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